Orion is looking for part time contract pilots for our (East Coast, offshore) Marine Mammal survey flights and our nationwide air tactical wildland fire fighting (DOI, BLM, NPS, BIA, USFS) missions. Aircraft to be flown are Cessna 210, Cessna 337, and Quest Kodiak. Must take water egress training for offshore survey flights, attend our FAA part 135 training, pass a 135 checkride.

This is not a full time job. There are no medical or retirement benifits. It is strictly part time contract flying. For marine surveys we pay $50 per flight hour plus expenses to captain qualified pilots. For the air tactical flying we pay $50 per duty hour (minimum 9 hours, maximum 14/daily) plus perdiem. Each pilot receives a 1099 at the end of each year and is responsible for their own tax planning as an independent contractor pilot.

Marine mammal surveys consist of flying at 1000 feet above the water up to 100 miles off the coast of either Norfolk, VA or Jacksonville, FL. We carry marine biologists who photograph and catalog marine mammals. A high degree of flying skill is required as we conduct hazardous operations—flying relatively low and slow while circling and photographing marine mammals. The position will require certification in water ditching which the pilot will aquire at their own expense.

Air tactical flying requires flying with a government specialist fire supervisor over forest fires, often in rugged terrain and reduced visibility.

Ideal candidates will have 5000 hours total time, but less time will be accepted from otherwise desirable/qualified candidates.

Ideal candidate might include retired airline or military pilots, or any qualified pilot who does not require full time income and benifits.

Your training will assure your reach the make and model requirement.

Minimum requirements below. (per our contracts)

Pilots must have logged minimum flying time as pilot-in-command (PIC) as follows:

(a) 1,500 hours…total pilot time.

(b) 1,200 hours…in airplanes.

(c) 200 hours…in class to be flown.

(d) 100 hours…night flying to include the recent flight experience requirements of 14 CFR 61. Multi-Engine and Single-Engine Turbine only.

(e) 75 hours… actual or simulated instrument flight time (including 50 hours in flight).

(f) 500 hours… cross-country.

(g) 200 hours… over typical (hazardous/mountainous) terrain and landing facilities.

(h) 25 hours…total time in make and model, of aircraft to be used. (Reciprocating engine)

(i) 50 hours PIC in make and model of aircraft to be used on this contract. (25 hours if the pilot has attended a formal training course which includes ground school for the make and model and a flight check.)(Turbine engine)

(j) 100 hours…Turboprop (if applicable).

(k) 100 hours…total time in category, preceding 12 months. 

Contact: Ed Coffman, Director of Operations, 919-742-4866, email: coffman@wefly4u.com