Safety Policy Statement

1. Policy Statement

Orion Aviation manages safety-risks related to its operations to as low a level as reasonably practicable. All identified safety hazards will be analyzed and where possible, eliminated or avoided. When this is not possible, mitigation is developed, implemented and tracked to ensure that the level of the associated risks is acceptable.

2. Purpose

The purpose of the safety policy is to ensure that safety is managed proactively and effectively. This is done by:

a. obtaining consistent and optimal aircraft and human performance;

b. identifying hazards and managing the associated safety risks specific to the company’s operations; and

c. actively seeking feedback from company personnel and others involved in the operation and improving, safety management activities.

3. Responsibilities

The President  of the company is responsible for:

a. sustaining conditions that promote the safe operation of company aircraft;

b. providing the resources (in time and money) to assure the safe operation of company aircraft; and

c. actively supporting the safety management system.

The chief pilot is responsible for:

a. ensuring that flight operations and aircraft maintenance activities are conducted in compliance with all applicable safety regulations;

b. administering the safety management system; and

c. validating and addressing safety-risk management deficiencies in an appropriate and timely manner.

Flight crew members, aircraft maintenance personal and others involved in the operation are responsible for:

a. adhering to directions contained in flight operations manual, maintenance control manual and related manuals, and procedures;

b. making decisions within that framework which will ensure the safety and efficiency of the operation, and

c. participating proactively in the safety management system by:

            i. actively seeking, identifying and reporting hazards and safety-risk management deficiencies;

            ii. providing timely input to management to ensure that the safety-risk profile is accurate and up-to-date; and

            iii. when appropriate, applying hazard checklists to make sound decisions.

4. Management Support

Orion Aviation operational, technical and support staff, will always have full support of the President as long as they operate professionally in accordance with company manuals and procedures. The President also wishes to make it understood that all company personnel have a duty to openly and honestly report events and hazards. They can be assured that such reports will be thoroughly investigated in a non-punitive manner.



Edward Coffman                                                                         


Date:   8 January 2014